"Being a successful chef is about being confident in the kitchen and being confident in the dishes that you are sending out to your customers."

This is an ethos that Paul firmly believes in and he has had years of experience to work this out.


Chef consultancy is about working together with the owners and chefs of an establishment and improving the efficiency and end result of the dining experience being offered to customers as they cross the threshold. Your chef consultant is not there to lecture or tell you how to run your business. They are there to offer advice, facts and a guiding hand.


If Paul was interested in engaging a chef consultant, he would want someone confident, experienced and who could offer something worthwhile to his business, so that is the chef consultant that he prides himself on being. Having walked the walk, Paul is now in a position where he can offer his expertise and give back to the industry where he learnt all he knows. Invested in improving the experience for all industry people, Paul also offers mentorship to chefs and can help in the transition of different roles in a team, connect with head chefs on multiple levels and help build that bridge between owners and their back of house teams. With his experience as an operations manager for 8 hotels, Paul is well versed in the technical requirements of running a kitchen such as budgeting, menu design and O H & S and offers his advice in these areas.


Paul has consulted on the newly opened Hilton Hotel in Papua New Guinea with a team of 50 chefs, as well as Home Hill Winery and One Care nursing home. He has also consulted for Shoreline Hotel, leading in the assignment of their new, and multi-award winning, head Chef Ruben Koopman, formerly of Frogmore Creek fame.


'We recently reached out to Paul to assist us with raising the standard of our food offer and the professionalism of our kitchen team. Paul very quickly helped us to see what was required and worked with us to put the appropriate steps in place.
It was a pleasure to work with him directly and would not hesitate to engage him again if the need arises.'    – Darren Brown, General Manager, Shoreline Hotel.


'Paul Foreman joined the Hilton Port Moresby Pre-Opening team to support our Culinary team in the lead up to hotel opening and hosting various  APEC 2018 events here in the hotel. The Culinary team were enriched by Paul’s extensive knowledge of the industry his ability to craft menus using local produce, further develop dining concepts and most importantly to train and motivate the fledgeling team. His engaging personality ensured the team bonded and worked collaboratively to achieve common goals.'   – John Lucas, General Manager, Hilton Port Moresby


Each consultancy is catered to the needs of the business, and at no cost for the initial consultation.




Each consultancy is different and is tailored to individual needs and for businesses to get the most of their investment.


Paul uses his experience to assess efficiency, sourcing and staff
morale and offers his advice when the situation calls for it.


Consistently create cohesive menus that attract a following and produce regulars to your establishment.


With his experience as a head chef and chief operations manager, Paul understands the importance of producing beautiful and tasty food with a budget.


My husband and I engaged Paul to steady our very shaky ship (Ie new cafe) a few years after our opening. We entered the world of hospitality very green and naive! The first few years were spent manning the pumps and running from one emergency to the next. We then became aware that there was no work being done 'on the business’, this is when we contacted Paul.


Paul immediately put us at ease, helped us to see all the positives in our business and encouraged us to step back and look at the big picture. After several enjoyable sessions with Paul, we implemented some critical changes to our business model and most of all felt confident and reassured by Pauls counsel and support. 5 years on, it looks like we will make it in the temperamental world of hospitality!

We would highly recommend Paul to others either making the jump into the industry or just stuck in a rut and need some guidance on a new way forward.

Owner – Abundance on the Quay

Paul's input into the design process was critical in establishing the kitchen layouts and equipment requirements to provide for an operationally efficient design, with quality equipment to enable staff to deliver a dining experience in keeping with our operational mission.


Deputy CEO and Company Secretary – OneCare


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