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A Beginners Guide to Surviving Hospitality part 2 - So why do we do it!?

It is quite easy really, (well for me anyway) somewhere deep inside lies this desire to 'please'. Whether this be for the people you love or the perfect stranger that is tasting your food. We help to create memories!

Having said that, we all have varying reason for why we do what we do and this is what makes it so personal to us.

It is personal and if it isn't, unfortunately it will just be a 'Job' for some of us. Now there is nothing wrong with this, but it will make it harder down the track. Passion drives us, The love of the 'game' motivates us and the community and comradery - keeps us sane!

My key factors for Surviving Hospitality.....

1. Knowledge is Power - Absorb as much as you can - this will build confidence and confidence is needed in bucket loads! Insecurity is poisonous - avoid at all costs. Having said that, we all face it and you should expect it. Hell, it takes time to build knowledge!

2. Communicate - One of our biggest issues in Hospitality(and life!) is breakdown in communication. I see it time and time again. It is often the simple things that we get wrong, so don't 'shutdown'.

3. Create Goals - There will be moments that will feel like you are running on a treadmill with no end. Keep perspective and map out your career, whether it be travel (and this is a MUST), moving up through the ranks in the kitchen, opening your own place or simply be an all round professional. Trust me, this works. Having said that, life has a crazy way of throwing curve balls!!

4. Ask for Help - Don't be afraid to ask for help, bloody hell we all need a helping hand now and then. We've all been there, so you are not alone! Strangely enough we generally have the same issues.

5. Expect the Unexpected - how you deal with the unexpected speed bumps is crucial. Don't let it get you down, push on! A saying that I have been using for far too long now is - 'It's not how you get in the shit - it's how you get outta of it! To think that life will be a bed of roses and everything just happens, is naive. So, work through it with SUPPORT and good COMMUNICATION.

6. Ignore the Bullies - one sad fact of hospitality is that we have people that, for whatever reason are just assholes! You can try to communicate with them - give it a shot, but if all else fails, dont waste your time.

Generally these people have low self esteem, are insecure, lack empathy and may not have the knowledge to do the job and become defensive. Basically projecting!

7. Keep fit! Now I know what you are thinking - long hours, exhaustion etc..... BUT, believe me, if you can try and maintain some type of exercise regime, you are setting yourself up for success. As the saying goes, Healthy body - Healthy Mind!

I truly hope that these few paragraphs that I have just punched out can help you to navigate through the wilds of hospitality.

It really is a fantastic industry and can be incredibly rewarding and diverse.

Make of it what you WILL.......!?

Finally, pop in a comment on your own ways of Surviving Hospitality!?

Till next time!


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