• Paul Foreman

And the winner is......

Bloody hell we pulled it off again!

Up against 7 cracking teams from across Australia, we came out on top with gold and first place.

It was tough. I like my space in a kitchen, and space was in very limited supply. But at the end of the day, we are all in the same boat.

To my fellow team mates and mentors, you guys rock! You know who you are.

Finally, if it weren't for the Australian Culinary Federation, sponsors, volunteers and judges - these competitions would never happen. There is a great deal of before, during and after these events and all for zero dollars. That's amazing and the industry thanks you!!

One beautiful category that I did see this year was Front of House. Such an important area that SHOULD be recognised. 👏👏

My advice for any young or old cooks, chefs and FOH, If you have an opportunity to compete, fucking do it


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