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Confit of Salmon.

Confit of Tassal Salmon, puffed wild rice and nori, blackened local asparagus, Shima wasabi and coconut foam, lemon canola oil, salmon wafer.

Serves 6-8


Salmon and Wafer

I side salmon, skin on and pin boned (reserve skin for wafer)

500ml Hillfarm lemon canola oil

10g smoked salt

8-10 lemon verbena leaves

Salmon Wafer

I side salmon skin

10g sea salt

300ml vegetable oil

Muslin or chux cloth


1 bunch asparagus, peeled (save peelings for garnish)

¼ cup samphire

6-8 wasabi leaves


Lilliput capers

Nigella seeds

Salmon wafers

Squid ink

Wild rice crust

80g wild rice

60ml vegetable oil

4 nori sheets, toasted

10g salmon wafer

Pinch smoked salt

Pinch of cracked black pepper

Pinch of raw sugar

Spinach water

2 cups baby spinach

80mls boiling water

Pinch of salt

Shima Wasabi and Coconut Foam

15g fresh Shima wasabi paste or 1 tsp powder

300ml Kara coconut cream

10ml fish sauce

Pinch white pepper

3 egg whites

60ml spinach water (chlorophyll)


Salmon and Salmon Wafer

– Check salmon for pin bones and remove.

– Remove the skin by carefully making an incision at the base of the tail section. Hold the skin slide the knife blade along the skin on a 20-degree angle while pulling the skin toward you.

– Portion the salmon into 200g pieces.

– Remove any remaining flesh by scraping with the knife blade. Wash the skin thoroughly in salted water.

– Dry off the skin and place onto muslin cloth of chux wipe. Sprinkle with a small amount of sea salt. Cover with cloth.

– Place into a well ventilated area and leave for 2-3 days or until the skin has dried.

– Cut the skin into 5cm piecesIn a sauce pan heat the vegetable oil until it just starts to smoke (approx. 180 degree).

– Carefully and quickly place the skin into the oil. It will puff up instantly. Remove within 5 seconds. Drain on kitchen paper.

– Reserve for crust and garnish.

Wild Rice Crust

– Heat the vegetable oil in a deep fry pan till hot.

– Carefully add the wild rice and quickly move the pan back and forward. You will start to see the rice puff. Continue until all grains are puffed.

– Empty the puffed rice onto kitchen towel to remove excess oil. Season.

– In a food processor, combine with the toasted nori sheets and half the salmon wafer, smoked salt, pepper and sugar. Process until the mixture looks like course breadcrumbs.

– Place int an airtight container until ready for use.

Confit Salmon

– In a medium saucepan heat the Hillfarm lemon canola oil and lemon verbena to 55 degrees.

– Lightly season each piece of salmon with the smoked salt. Place into the lemon canola oil and continue to confit for approx. 45 minutes or until the core temperature reaches 55 degrees. The flesh should be firm but without any colouring.

– Remove from the oil and place on kitchen paper to remove the excess oil.

– Place each piece of confited salmon flesh side down (opposite to skinned side) into the crust mixture and press firmly but gently.

– Keep warm are until ready to serve.

Spinach Water (Chlorophyll)

– Process the spinach leaves with the salt and boiling water.

– Strain and reserve liquid for wasabi and coconut foam.

Shima Wasabi and coconut foam

(you will need a cream syphon for this recipe)

– In a small sauce pan bring to the boil the coconut cream, wasabi paste, fish sauce, white pepper and spinach water.

– Strain and let cool for 10 minutes.

– Pour the coconut mixture into the cream syphon. Add egg whites.

– Secure the top of the syphon. Charge the syphon with 3 CO2 cartridges and shake well for 1-2 minutes.

– Keep warm until ready to serve.

Blackened Asparagus

– Take each spear of asparagus and snap at the base.

– Using a speed peeler, peel from the base of the head.

– Place the peelings into ice cold water and refrigerate until curled.

– To blacken the asparagus, you will need to use the grill on your BBQ or alternatively use a very hot fry pan.

– Place the spears of asparagus onto the grill and literally blacken the spears. With a touch of Lemon canola oil and a sprinkle of sea salt.

To serve

– Heat main plates.

– Using a pastry brush, paint a line of squid ink on each plate.

– Place the salmon, crust side up, onto each plate across the brush stroke.

– Arrange the asparagus around on top of the salmon with the asparagus shavings.

– Scatter the nigella seeds and Lilliput capers to one side of the salmon and place the segmented samphire randomly around the dish with the wasabi leaf, shiso and dollops of the Shima wasabi and coconut foam.

– Serve immediately with the riesling.

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