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Passing of a parent. Vale Graeme Foreman

It has been 3 weeks since my father passed away and only now do I feel comfortable talking about it.

My dad was a quiet, unassuming, grounded and loving man that, on reflection helped me in more ways than I had realised.

Going back through memories of my childhood in Western Australia, I can recall all of those wonderful moments that helped form my soul.

The boat trips on the Swan River and fishing off Rottnest Island. Unfortunately some of those trips saw me staring at the tiolet bowl more than the ocean, but memorable nonetheless.

Dad was an incredible carpenter and jack of all trades. Through my childhood my brother Chris, sister Loren and I would often be the 'chippies' on the numerous houses that we built over the years. Building pergolas, retaining walls, fences and so on. All this from the tender age of 9 years old.

Along with boating, camping was always on the cards and those were some of my fonder memories of dad. He would always involve us in the set up and taught us those all important life skills.

When it came to the sporting side of my life, mum was the big influence, but every now and then, Dad would try to get involved. One such time was when I was squad swimming at my club and he entered into the adult 100 meter free style. God bless him, he had a shot, however I'm pretty sure he 'walked' the final 50!

Sadly, I had lost contact with dad over the last 6 years, so my present feelings are of regret, sadness and confusion. Only now, writing this tribute, I feel the true depth of mine and my families loss as the tears well.

The realisation that he is gone from this earth forever is only just hitting me, but he enters my thoughts each and every day and that, I am truly thankful for.

To my mum, I am truly sorry for the loss of your soulmate, friend and partner in life. He will never be truly gone as he will live on through our family.

Farewell Dad

Love always and forever.❤

Paul, Chris, Loren, Shirley, Jacob and Sandy.


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