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Silver Linings......

Our beautiful country has taken a beating in the last few months, so I thought it was time to shine a light on a my part of the world, Tasmania's East Coast.

What started as a night away, ended up a fantastic tour of wineries and coastal strolls.

The great thing about an overnight stay is very light luggage.....well for me anyway! ;)

Our destination was Piermont Retreat


, 15 klms south of Swansea. A beautiful Tuscan influenced resort that had much to offer. But I'm getting ahead of myself!

First stop on our travels was Every Man and His Dog Vineyard

www.everymanandhisdogvineyard.com.au (they even have a label for the ladies - Every Woman and her Dog!)

A quirky little place with a lovely cellar door and equally lovely and charming owners, Loretta and Andy.

Loretta was quick to greet us and suggested we take a personalized tour of the wine making facilities.

We started with the press. What resembled an old wine barrel, that once held maturing wine, now stood ready, waiting to create hundreds of litres of their boozy, delicious grape juice!

Then we headed into the bottling room.

A small room with shelves of empty bottles, ready to receive.

I noticed a device that resembled a Soda stream and asked Loretta what it was.

'That is what we use to fill our bottles' she said.

Wow, it was so small and at 300 bottles a day - that's grassroots, nose to the grindstone stone hard work. But, you can tell they love what they do and it shows in their wine.

So, off we head to our destination with a couple of bottles of Cab. Sav. and beautiful cheese from Coal River Farm.

After just over an hour's drive we find our home for the night. As mentioned there is a Tuscan feel to the property with chalets peppered throughout the dense bush land.

Our abode was well appointed and had a great view of the ocean once the French doors opened onto the deck.

Today the weather was not your classic picture postcard perfect, but rather, moody and misty with a smattering of drizzle.

Great for staying in with a good red and cheese.

We had every Intention to dine in the restaurant that night but just didn't make it, that's how comfortable and relaxed we where!

We even got a little visitor that night. A possum popped in to say hello!

The next day we had a good breakfast in the resorts dining room and then headed further up the coast to Craige Knowe Vineyard in Cranbrook.

We loved it here. Greeted by the properties 3 Blue Heelers, we then ventured into the cellar door, an atmospheric, country style shed of rustic tables and chairs and a friendly welcome from owners Glenn and Sandy Travers. Check out their story at www.


We sampled beautiful cold climate Riesling, Sav. Blanc, Pinot Noir and Cab Sav. All delicious!

We also tried their unique Wine and Chocolate experience. Not as you would expect, where you just get a selection of matched wines to chocolates. Glenn selects your chocolates based on your wines of choice! The chocolates are from Coal River Farm


and they are very good! The matching was spot on, with our favorite being the Sav. Blanc and Passion fruit/white chocolate!

After purchasing MORE wine we proceeded down the road to Spring Vale Wines where we had a disappointing experience with a pretty unfriendly and lack luster cellar door experience. I get a little irate about this, as it doesn't take much effort to smile and engage with your CUSTOMER. No interest in talking about the wines etc. Anyway, we didn't hang around too long as life is to short!!

The Silver Lining was the vineyards marquee restaurant, Mel's Kitchen. Great food cooked well, flavorsome and not overly convoluted. We loved the marquee atmosphere, unlike the weather from the previous day, today was perfect. This place is definitely worth a visit!

As with all good things, they must end, so back home we headed.

Tassie's East Coast should definitely be a 'must do' on your travel itinerary!

Happy Travels!


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